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Learning Project update. Bleh.

Sewing patterns make no sense.

My work space. My cat seems to be getting more out of it than I am.

I’m currently working on it…this is a little bit of an update on that. It would be lovely if I had my grandma or my mom around to tell me what certain things mean, but it’s 1 in the morning and they are both sleeping, to my knowledge at least! Sooooo here I am. My lovely green material…what side do I fold it to? How many times do I fold it? Am I a size 6 or a size 8 on the pattern (I know from watching my mom in the past that often times it ends up being slightly bigger than what the pattern says…so I should be okay with the 6?) If I only fold it once, how to I get 4 pieces out of what is being shown? I’m almost ready to just pack it in for the night, get some sleep and resume this thing tomorrow.

Seriously, this is like trying to learn a different language at 1 in the morning. I'm so unimpressed.

Not gunna lie, it’s very tempting to just take the fabric and cut out the pieces while measuring them to myself and other dresses I have that fit me, and just going with it! Alas, I need to learn what all of this stuff means, and hopefully have it done by halloween (if I don’t finish it by then it’s not the end of the world..I have a billion flapper costumes and I could always then put more effort in and have a full-fledged fantastic outfit for next year’s halloween!). Anyways though….this is where I am at right now. The fact that I’m so stressed with papers and midterms on top of this is probably adding to how I’m getting so frustrated with myself for not Understanding it outright. My plan is to consult my grandma…and I’m sure once she explains to me these little details, it’ll be slightly more smooth sailing. I’m trusting that once I figure out how to get the pattern pieces in the right place, and start sewing pieces together, it’ll all be good and much, much better.

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