Just some thoughts before bed..

So by tonight, I’m really tired. It turns out transferring into a completely different program is far more mentally exhausting than I thought it would be. The reading we have to do for my ECS class is long, tedious, and I have to say mentally exhausting..I don’t know if it’s taken me this long to read through a textbook before in my life. Since it’s all about “becoming a teacher” (That’s literally the title) I just so happen to be applying every little stinking detail of it’s text to myself, and my temperaments, as well as my abilities and my confidence. Will I be able to manage a classroom properly? What if I struggle to reach all of my students and fail to notice some of them falling behind? Questions as simple as “What if I’m not strong enough for this?” pop in and out of my head as I’m reading the textbook, realizing just all of the responsibilities I will have to take absolute control of.

Is this something all teachers have gone through and felt in their pre-service and beginning stages? I sure hope so, I don’t want to be the only one having felt this way! I have my first seminar tomorrow, and I’m pretty curious to find out what the rest of my seminar group members’ reactions were to reading the chapters that were assigned this week.

Anyways, as I will likely do many a time, here’s a lovely song to send you off until my next post. This is Andrew Bird, who actually just performed at the Regina Folk Festival this summer..there’s honestly nothing that can compare to hearing this guy live, he is immensely talented and inspiring and every composition he performs seems to speak directly to the soul.



Starting out..

Well, I’m still figuring out the format and how to work around my dashboard blah blah blah…confusing but surprisingly a little fun! I wonder if I’ll get more into this and excited about it as I start learning and getting used to how to work everything…ANYWAYS those are just some thoughts.

Also, this is way unrelated but I can’t get this song out of my head so I thought I would share it. Enjoy! 🙂

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