Learning Projects

So, in my ECMP355 course we’re supposed to do a learning project..what this means is that we’re to pick something new to us, to learn something, and spend 25-50 hours learning it and to document and showcase our progress on here. It’s taken me FOREVER to write this bit because I’ve been trying to pick between numerous different ideas…going from taking up and relearning flute again, which I used to play years upon years ago, to learning how to sew from a sewing pattern, to learning how to paint in renaissance style, to learning how to create ornate, ancient civilization-inspired jewellry.

I’ve decided on the sewing project. I’ve been sewing for many years, but it’s always been something along the lines of sewing from scrap materials, or creating drapes for my bedroom out of handmade saris, or altering clothes to make them fit better. I don’t think I’ve actually sewn from a pattern (other than the HORRIBLE pair of john deere pajama bottoms I make in grade 9 home-ec class back in the day).

This may take me so much time that I literally finish ONE sewing project in all 50 hours..or I may surprise myself and be able to challenge myself through 2 or 3 by the time those hours are up. Who knows!

For the first project, I’m thinking I may sew my halloween costume…I’m being tinkerbell! I found a costume only that was made from Simplicity pattern 2400 (the skirt was then altered to be like tinkerbell’s pointed skirt), so I’m likely going to try my best to mimic that. I already had to ask my Grandma for help on where to find on the pattern envelope how much material I’ll need etc…I’m a little bit worried I’ll be pulling my hair out as the dress also requires boning, and though I’m familiar with sewing denim and silk, I’m NOT familiar with boning. But, that’s what this is about, me not knowing how to do something, then finding my way through it and Reminiscing about it on here once I’ve gotten to the other side.

Stay tuned! There will likely be some angsty updates on my learning in the nearby future 😛


4 thoughts on “Learning Projects

  1. Deb says:

    I think that you will be able to make this costume. For one thing you have your grandmother to help you! You also have a deadline (Halloween) which always helps. As long as you cut it out carefully and mark the areas that you have to make darts or boning with pins you should be Ok. good luck!

  2. Jim Stauffer says:

    So if I understand you correctly, you are setting aside your creativity, and submitting to the discipline of sewing a pattern for a change. Does it matter if you yield to the urge to creatively embellish your work – take just a bit of licence with the pattern?

    I know nothing about sewing (except not to touch my wife’s serger unless she needs help interpreting the threading schematic). But this winter I’m submitting to the discipline of a couple of institutional for-credit courses after the freedom of open learning in MOOCs. I won’t say it’s the same thing you are doing, but I see parallels.

  3. I love LOVE how Grandma is involved! I treasure the elderly. Am sure she is stoked you asked! What a lovely bond. I am looking forward to the end product! Dean skyping into a teachmeet here in Sydney Halloween- maybe he can show us a pic of the finished product?

  4. Leia says:

    So did you manage it in time for Halloween?

    I’d love to be more able to sew actual outfits – I can darn and hem and that’s about it really.

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