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Tech Task #7: A Global Response

Alriiiiiiight, so remember how I awesomely had that idea of writing once a day? I should really get on that. Haha anyways, I’m very behind on all of my tech tasks and unfortunately, that’s gunna be a disappointing factor in my grade. I’m going to start hunkering down to them though.

So many weeks ago, we had a presentation from Silvia Tolisano on using technology to interact globally with others as a way of aiding education. One thing that stuck out to me was when she talked about having her class skype with someone who dressed up as a character from a book they were reading (Treasure Island, I think?). As a little bit of a drama buff, I thought this was fantastic. Of course, I’m not completely sure how I would mix something like that into a highschool drama class. ALTHOUGH, I guess it could work to have my students on the acting side of things – instead of skyping with characters from a book or play being studied, I could connect my highschool drama class with an elementary class, whether in the same community or in a different part of the world altogether. And, I could have MY students do the acting side of the skyping! I think that would actually be a fantastic way to teach them about character analysis, acting for film, and acting for different kinds of live audiences.

(Actually, it makes me pretty excited now that I’m thinking about how many ways I could use this as a teaching device with my students!)

Advertisements leggings.

I hate making videos with a passion. Mostly because I suck so badly at it and keep messing up and it’s taking forever. Last wednesday we were given a new tech task, to make a mini doc for ECMP355, and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!! I’ve been working on the thing a bit every single night, just trying to make something decent and it’s one durp moment after another equally or more frustrating durp moment. First, most of the footage is of me randomly walking around campus…the footage I took of my minidoc partner Justin I stupidly filmed vertically instead of horizontally. Hence, when anything cuts to footage of him, it’s vertical, and anything of me is the normal horizontal widescreen image that you would see on tv. Danielle likes to film like she’s taking someone’s portrait. Silly, silly girl. Also, when I finally got a decent reel of 47 second long silent footage that we could then voice over, or do something with, guess who’s PC crashed??? It’s hard enough making something on windows movie maker, let alone on a dell that is probably going to die on me within the next year. Adorable looking, and purple might I add (the fact that my laptop is purple and matches my schoolbag is basically the only reason I picked it over a mac) BUT DYING. Soooooooo Saturday I spent completely redoing EVERYTHING I’d done up until then. And since then, I’m having trouble getting sound, fitting in sound, and I’m pretty sure half of that is the computer, and half of it is me really not having a clue what I’m doing.

What did I learn from this?

Sunday, or monday, hmmmm or MAYBE even friday, I should have just asked someone for help instead of just being a stubborn blockhead and wasting my time trying to do it on my own.

On a side note, it’s getting cooler out but I’m okay with that, because I found a bunch of my dad’s old big wool sweaters, and wearing those with leggings is the MOST comfortable thing EVER! 🙂

Anyways, I’m now off to quickly run errands and then get back to running my brain through the technological wringer to finish this minidoc. UNTIL I finish and post it (trust me, I will post that thing the SECOND I am done) you can enjoy this lovely BRAND NEW music video by coldplay for their new single “Paradise”. I LOVE this song.

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