Photo Credit. Edan Nelson

Well first off, I’m Danielle, a meager university student residing on the Canadian prairies studying fine arts education. I’ve lived on the prairies my entire life, yet I like to say my heart belongs in the forest..when I am able to, I enjoy heading up to northern Saskatchewan or the Canadian Rockies or Vancouver Island for some good ol’ backwoods kayaking and hiking, and when back at home, I’d have to say I enjoy painting, singing, and shopping the most out of anything.

I’ve grown up pretty involved in anything art-related..I was one of those kids that, according to her mom, was singing before I learned to talk (yeah yeah I know, so cute right?) Haha but seriously, it’s something I’ve naturally been drawn to. From piano to flute to hip hop dancing to playing guitar to singing to photography to acting to painting to sculpting and so forth, I’ve had at least minor experience dipping my toes in the big wide world of fine arts. It’s who I am, I guess you could say. I’ve spent the past two years in the University of Regina’s theatre acting program, and just transfered to Arts Education. It’s interesting switching into a brand new program in my third year, I’m on a path of renewed self discovery that is both annoying and exciting!

For my own personal experience in using technology for the different aspects of my life, I’d have to admit it’s pretty limited..I’m obsessed with facebook, like everybody else, but I don’t use twitter or any of those things. I’m not one of those people that keeps up to date with all the computer stuff out there, unless I’m doing my daily check-up of the sartorialist 😛 So having a blog of my own to keep updated will be a pretty big learning experience!

When it comes to using technology in the classroom, I have no idea what to expect. I suppose it’s a handy thing, that I could use different aspects of the internet such as twitter and google, to communicate necessary details about school and/or assignments with my students or their parents. I expect that in ECMP 355, I’ll learn about all of this stuff, including both how to use it for myself and also to use it as a resource when I am teaching. I also hope that I end up finding this whole blog thing to be a lot of fun, rather than some confusing technological chore. 🙂


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Edan Nelson says:

    Well, this is quite the fantastic start to what is surely going to be a successful blog. I hope to see this come to fruition as much as you would like to see the same. I hope for top marks in your class as well!!

    Good Luck

  2. Love your honesty and transparency, that alone will serve you well as you learn.

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