Tech Task #7: A Global Response

Alriiiiiiight, so remember how I awesomely had that idea of writing once a day? I should really get on that. Haha anyways, I’m very behind on all of my tech tasks and unfortunately, that’s gunna be a disappointing factor in my grade. I’m going to start hunkering down to them though.

So many weeks ago, we had a presentation from Silvia Tolisano on using technology to interact globally with others as a way of aiding education. One thing that stuck out to me was when she talked about having her class skype with someone who dressed up as a character from a book they were reading (Treasure Island, I think?). As a little bit of a drama buff, I thought this was fantastic. Of course, I’m not completely sure how I would mix something like that into a highschool drama class. ALTHOUGH, I guess it could work to have my students on the acting side of things – instead of skyping with characters from a book or play being studied, I could connect my highschool drama class with an elementary class, whether in the same community or in a different part of the world altogether. And, I could have MY students do the acting side of the skyping! I think that would actually be a fantastic way to teach them about character analysis, acting for film, and acting for different kinds of live audiences.

(Actually, it makes me pretty excited now that I’m thinking about how many ways I could use this as a teaching device with my students!)


One thought on “Tech Task #7: A Global Response

  1. Adam Brock says:

    Hahaha love the photo! Good luck with catching up with your tech tasks!

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