Learning Project again.

Okay so sewing with patterns is complicated, and takes a long time, and is confusing, and IS possible. I am now in the process of sewing these pieces together, but I thought I would show the process of getting the patterns cut and ready to go together.

so I started by folding the material in half so I could lay out every piece going the same direction so the lines in the material are all going the same way on the dress. then I measured along these lines on each pattern piece to make sure every piece was laying straight. After than I pinned the pattern pieces to the material, making them ready to be cut out.

Here's the pattern pieces on my material ready to be cut. Eeek!

After then, I went ahead and cut the patterns out and there are little dots where the darts go, and my mom told me to sew an “x” into every one of the dots…I don’t know what that will do, but I guess it’s so I can match them up to sew them? That’s what I’m gunna be working on next!

So I have the pieces ready and waiting for me to start the sewing process. Wish me luck!!


2 thoughts on “Learning Project again.

  1. Cole Hintz says:

    Good Luck Danielle! I once sewed myself a couple pairs of fleece pants, not nearly ambitious as your dress though. Hope it turns out great, I like the colour.

  2. Trina C says:

    Great job so far! Can’t wait to see an update!

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