Learning Project Updateeee

So I didn’t write anything over the weekend…but I’m going to blame that on the long weekend and the fact that almost my ENTIRE family from my mom’s side came to visit and celebrate for my Affie’s 80th birthday (for anyone who doesn’t know, “Affie” is Icelandic for “Grandpa”). The entire weekend was a feast of Icelandic food and drinks and enough cakes to feed my entire ECS 100 class….but sorry guys, I ate all of them. I honestly don’t think I’ve gorged myself like that in years.

This is what I feel like walking to and from classes today. So. Much. Food. In. Muh. Belly.

MOVING ON THOUGH. Learning project. So I’ve started working a lot more on this and I thought I would explain where I’m at with it. Last update I was still trying to figure out my tinkerbell pattern. Umm…yeah..didn’t QUITE work out. I fiddled around with the pattern, tried to get an understanding of where to fold the material..all with no luck. Then halloween came and there was no tinkerbell dress. Result? I decided to move to plan B. My mom brought down some of the patterns that we already have, and I decided to try out a different one.

Original pattern that I was going to use for my tinkerbell dress. WAYYY too difficult for a first time pattern-sewing.

The new pattern is a dress I’ve had made for me twice. I figured, why not use this as my learning project and learn how to do it for myself!! Besides, I know this dress style looks adorable, and it will be fun to have a bright green cocktail dress to wear to Christmas parties and whatnot :).

And here is the new pattern I'm using! Very cute pencil dress. I'm actually so excited to make this now.

I’ll let you all know how the pattern process is going in my upcoming posts this week!


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