“What If?”

Okay…soooooo life is crazy.

I’m going to start setting a rule for myself. From now on until the end of this semester, I have to write on this blog once a day. Even if I just share a song I’ve been listening to, or talk about an assignment I’m working on, or complaining about being single…hopefully it doesn’t resort to that though. Reason being that I’ve discovered if I DON’T write in it regularly…well, I get caught up with my other classes. I fall behind, I get confused, I get embarrassed, I try to ignore the fact that I have a blog to keep up with altogether. Not good.

I’ve been told that when you take 5 classes, one of them always end up dragging behind the rest. Unfortunately, ECMP355 has been the one. I guess after writing papers upon papers and summaries and Field work logs etc, I maybe just don’t want to touch a computer again for a long, long time. However, I NEED TO MAKE AN EFFORT AT THIS. Goodness, Danielle. Anyways, I’m hoping that I can start tackling this one item a day and HOPEFULLY by next wednesday I will be back up to snuff with everything.

This brings me to the topic of my title. An interesting thing happened on Monday. Well, it starts with only getting 2 and a half hours of sleep on Sunday night from staying up finishing assignments due on Monday. Needless to say it was a VERY long and groggy and confusing and difficult first day back after the weekend. For whatever reason I decided to tweet about my struggle to stay awake in class. THEN, my ECMP355 prof Dean tweets me back! Ha, I was not expecting that. He proceeded to get me to tweet to him what I was learning about in class so that I would force myself to stay as engaged as possible with that lack of sleep, and he would tweet back ideas and responses about it. After a while he told me I should try getting my other classmates involved in that and posed the idea that “what if you had 20 or so people conversing back and forth about what was happening in the lectures?” (Alright, not exact quote, but close to it). Unfortunately for that class, I don’t think many people tweet. It’s a sweet idea though! I mean really…while a lecture is happening, people are giving their responses, questions, things that they already know that are connected to the topic being learned. It’s like…an undercurrent of further thought and discussion on the material happen all while learning the material, as well as building a slight bit of a community between the students. If the prof or speaker could then tap into that, it would be a fantastic way to get instant feedback!

Just a brief thought. However I do need to get working on my installation application…something I’ll be writing about on here VERY soon! πŸ˜‰ Talk to you readers tomorrowwww..


3 thoughts on ““What If?”

  1. Adam Brock says:

    Hey Danielle, just wanted to let you know how great I thought this post was. It made me laugh a few times! I can definitely relate to how crazy life is, seems like there is never any down time. But I think that setting a goal of posting something once a day is a great way for you to stay committed to your blog and bring ECMP 355 up to the same level of importance as your other classes. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing what you come up with for your upcoming posts!

  2. I know exactly how you feel when you say that there’s always one class dragging behind. 5 classes doesn’t really leave you with a whole lot of extra time. I loved this post πŸ™‚ Your getting caught tweeting about falling asleep in class was hilarious!

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