Tech Task #…5? Video minidoc

Okay sooooooo this has been a huge pain in the butt. I finally figured out a compromise to what I was trying to do with the’s time to get a mac though, that’s pretty apparent to me! This is mine and Justin’s minidocumentary on life as a university student…as I’ve found myself more stressed and frustrated with this project than anything else, I REALLY hope you guys all like it more than I do!! I’ve done a small amount of acting for film and that’s something that is still blossoming into a few fun opportunities…and this project showed me that I probably will have the best time staying IN FRONT of the camera and not behind it!


One thought on “Tech Task #…5? Video minidoc

  1. Either your video is private or you didn’t save the project as a movie. Colby had the same issue. Using Movie Maker you can’t just save the project but have to save the movie itself.

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