Tech Task #4, part 1 of 2

Hey guys, so we were given a tech task assignment this past week on digital storytelling…whew, has it ever been difficult!!! We’re to tell a story using 2 of the 50 storytelling resources we’ve been given. It sounds like it would be so easy, but it’s surprisingly been SO hard for me to do!! I don’t have the 2nd version done yet unfortunately, however I DO have the 1st one to share. This is a visual mapping site called that is fantastic for plotting routes with visual pointers and so on. The story I picked is actually of one of my backwoods kayaking trips I took with some family members a couple years ago (it was so memorable because it’s normally just me and my dad that go together). Anyways, wayfaring was actually a perfect tool to use, although I would have loved to put pictures into the “waypoints”. If that’s possible, I’m completely oblivious to it and would love if one of you told me how I can do that!!

Here is the map..I was hoping I could get it to show up right on here but it doesn’t look like that’s happening so you’ll have to use the link, but I hope you like it! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tech Task #4, part 1 of 2

  1. I hear you. They’re very hard. It took me 8 hours to finish both. It’s time consuming,but I know you can do it.

  2. Is there more to the story than the placemarks? I tried clicking them but there was no additional information. Not getting the story.

    • I just went and checked it out and I see what you mean, it wasn’t doing that before…if you go to the “hybrid” setting you should be able to see the map with the trail, and I guess the waypoint are listed on the side and kind of pop up on the map when you scroll over them, and if you click on them then you can see the description with the waypoint marker…I don’t know why it’s separated like that now though, it wasn’t before!

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