Broken Fridges, stuffed with turkey.

Soooo thanksgiving is done. Also, it’s been far too long since I made a post…I have a bad habit of not being able to get back into something once I’ve put it on the backburner…good thing is now I’ll be getting right back at it on this thing!

So thanksgiving just passed. It took me a while to realize it even WAS thanksgiving. I’ve been dealing with a lot the last couple weeks, including a old friend’s funeral and being overloaded with homework, of which I’m still pushing my way through of course, and I guess when things such as that are going on, thanksgiving isn’t something that much anticipated or thought of. I was working on a play sunday morning, and it took me a good hour to figure out why everybody had the same facebook status about being bloated from turkey! Oh well, later on that day I figured out for myself when we went out of town to see my grandparents. ‘Twas a good time!

However, the bloated and stuffed feeling has not passed…our fridge broke on saturday. What does this mean? There are two bags of melting ice in my fridge, with everything piled around them. My family and I have been eating everything we can as fast as we can out of that fridge before the bags of ice completely melt..hence, the thanksgiving leftovers are pretty much all gone by now, and within the next 15 hours I’m sure we will have to start living as vegetarians, until the thing is fixed (I won’t mind that much, I used to be a’s my family that won’t do well with it!).

Anyways, it’s time for me to get back to my homework…I still have a couple costume renderings and write-ups to finish for early tomorrow morning!

Until later, here’s another great tune. 🙂


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