Just some thoughts before bed..

So by tonight, I’m really tired. It turns out transferring into a completely different program is far more mentally exhausting than I thought it would be. The reading we have to do for my ECS class is long, tedious, and I have to say mentally exhausting..I don’t know if it’s taken me this long to read through a textbook before in my life. Since it’s all about “becoming a teacher” (That’s literally the title) I just so happen to be applying every little stinking detail of it’s text to myself, and my temperaments, as well as my abilities and my confidence. Will I be able to manage a classroom properly? What if I struggle to reach all of my students and fail to notice some of them falling behind? Questions as simple as “What if I’m not strong enough for this?” pop in and out of my head as I’m reading the textbook, realizing just all of the responsibilities I will have to take absolute control of.

Is this something all teachers have gone through and felt in their pre-service and beginning stages? I sure hope so, I don’t want to be the only one having felt this way! I have my first seminar tomorrow, and I’m pretty curious to find out what the rest of my seminar group members’ reactions were to reading the chapters that were assigned this week.

Anyways, as I will likely do many a time, here’s a lovely song to send you off until my next post. This is Andrew Bird, who actually just performed at the Regina Folk Festival this summer..there’s honestly nothing that can compare to hearing this guy live, he is immensely talented and inspiring and every composition he performs seems to speak directly to the soul.



6 thoughts on “Just some thoughts before bed..

  1. Hey Danielle, I just wanted to say that I love Andrew Bird as well! My favourite song of his is Natural Disaster! I also wanted to know if your background picture is just something random or if it is actually one of your pictures. I only ask because it looks a lot like a place that I go to every summer!

    • Hi Courtney 🙂 I’m glad someone else listens to him! Did you see him this summer? I really hope you got to, he gave a wonderful performance. And it IS actually a photo I took myself! It’s a photo of one of the far ends of Waskesiu lake. There’s an old campground on that end of the lake called “The Narrows” that has been a summer staple for 3 generations of my family..it’s probably the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. If that’s where you go every summer too, that would be pretty sweet!! 😛

  2. I actually camp at Jan Lake and I’m not sure if it is close to Waskesiu lake but there is part that you go through called “The Narrows”. I have yet to go up them, but I’m hoping next summer. It’s funny as well, because I am the third generation as well that goes up to camp and it’s my absoulte favourite place in the world.

  3. hone19 says:

    Have to agree that those first readings for ECS were long probably because just like you I was trying to absorb as much of it as possible and try to apply it to myself. Also how were you able to upload your own background.

    • I fiddled around on the appearance section I think…there’s a part on there that says “background” and you can select the color and also upload a photo..and then there are options for tile of stretch, scroll or staying static etc. Hope that helps!

  4. Paul Oh says:

    Just wanted to say that I appreciated your post tremendously. I’m no longer in the classroom, but your words brought me back to the days when I myself was studying to be a teacher. I don’t know if this is reassuring or frightening, but the question, “Am I strong enough to be a teacher?” was something I constantly asked myself, even after teaching for many years. I finally came to realize that another way to ask that question was: “What do I need to get better at in my teaching, and how will I get better?” Personally, I have my doubts about any teacher – or any person studying to be a teacher – who isn’t asking that question of themselves.


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