Oh man tired.

Welp, I can say for a fact that I’m too tired to write anything of substance…so I will try to write two different updates tomorrow. Two more weeks! It’s gunna go by fast.

Also, this has happened to me every single day this week….haha, night folks!!

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Tech Task #7: A Global Response

Alriiiiiiight, so remember how I awesomely had that idea of writing once a day? I should really get on that. Haha anyways, I’m very behind on all of my tech tasks and unfortunately, that’s gunna be a disappointing factor in my grade. I’m going to start hunkering down to them though.

So many weeks ago, we had a presentation from Silvia Tolisano on using technology to interact globally with others as a way of aiding education. One thing that stuck out to me was when she talked about having her class skype with someone who dressed up as a character from a book they were reading (Treasure Island, I think?). As a little bit of a drama buff, I thought this was fantastic. Of course, I’m not completely sure how I would mix something like that into a highschool drama class. ALTHOUGH, I guess it could work to have my students on the acting side of things – instead of skyping with characters from a book or play being studied, I could connect my highschool drama class with an elementary class, whether in the same community or in a different part of the world altogether. And, I could have MY students do the acting side of the skyping! I think that would actually be a fantastic way to teach them about character analysis, acting for film, and acting for different kinds of live audiences.

(Actually, it makes me pretty excited now that I’m thinking about how many ways I could use this as a teaching device with my students!)

Learning Project again.

Okay so sewing with patterns is complicated, and takes a long time, and is confusing, and IS possible. I am now in the process of sewing these pieces together, but I thought I would show the process of getting the patterns cut and ready to go together.

so I started by folding the material in half so I could lay out every piece going the same direction so the lines in the material are all going the same way on the dress. then I measured along these lines on each pattern piece to make sure every piece was laying straight. After than I pinned the pattern pieces to the material, making them ready to be cut out.

Here's the pattern pieces on my material ready to be cut. Eeek!

After then, I went ahead and cut the patterns out and there are little dots where the darts go, and my mom told me to sew an “x” into every one of the dots…I don’t know what that will do, but I guess it’s so I can match them up to sew them? That’s what I’m gunna be working on next!

So I have the pieces ready and waiting for me to start the sewing process. Wish me luck!!

Learning Project Updateeee

So I didn’t write anything over the weekend…but I’m going to blame that on the long weekend and the fact that almost my ENTIRE family from my mom’s side came to visit and celebrate for my Affie’s 80th birthday (for anyone who doesn’t know, “Affie” is Icelandic for “Grandpa”). The entire weekend was a feast of Icelandic food and drinks and enough cakes to feed my entire ECS 100 class….but sorry guys, I ate all of them. I honestly don’t think I’ve gorged myself like that in years.

This is what I feel like walking to and from classes today. So. Much. Food. In. Muh. Belly.

MOVING ON THOUGH. Learning project. So I’ve started working a lot more on this and I thought I would explain where I’m at with it. Last update I was still trying to figure out my tinkerbell pattern. Umm…yeah..didn’t QUITE work out. I fiddled around with the pattern, tried to get an understanding of where to fold the material..all with no luck. Then halloween came and there was no tinkerbell dress. Result? I decided to move to plan B. My mom brought down some of the patterns that we already have, and I decided to try out a different one.

Original pattern that I was going to use for my tinkerbell dress. WAYYY too difficult for a first time pattern-sewing.

The new pattern is a dress I’ve had made for me twice. I figured, why not use this as my learning project and learn how to do it for myself!! Besides, I know this dress style looks adorable, and it will be fun to have a bright green cocktail dress to wear to Christmas parties and whatnot :).

And here is the new pattern I'm using! Very cute pencil dress. I'm actually so excited to make this now.

I’ll let you all know how the pattern process is going in my upcoming posts this week!


“What If?”

Okay…soooooo life is crazy.

I’m going to start setting a rule for myself. From now on until the end of this semester, I have to write on this blog once a day. Even if I just share a song I’ve been listening to, or talk about an assignment I’m working on, or complaining about being single…hopefully it doesn’t resort to that though. Reason being that I’ve discovered if I DON’T write in it regularly…well, I get caught up with my other classes. I fall behind, I get confused, I get embarrassed, I try to ignore the fact that I have a blog to keep up with altogether. Not good.

I’ve been told that when you take 5 classes, one of them always end up dragging behind the rest. Unfortunately, ECMP355 has been the one. I guess after writing papers upon papers and summaries and Field work logs etc, I maybe just don’t want to touch a computer again for a long, long time. However, I NEED TO MAKE AN EFFORT AT THIS. Goodness, Danielle. Anyways, I’m hoping that I can start tackling this one item a day and HOPEFULLY by next wednesday I will be back up to snuff with everything.

This brings me to the topic of my title. An interesting thing happened on Monday. Well, it starts with only getting 2 and a half hours of sleep on Sunday night from staying up finishing assignments due on Monday. Needless to say it was a VERY long and groggy and confusing and difficult first day back after the weekend. For whatever reason I decided to tweet about my struggle to stay awake in class. THEN, my ECMP355 prof Dean tweets me back! Ha, I was not expecting that. He proceeded to get me to tweet to him what I was learning about in class so that I would force myself to stay as engaged as possible with that lack of sleep, and he would tweet back ideas and responses about it. After a while he told me I should try getting my other classmates involved in that and posed the idea that “what if you had 20 or so people conversing back and forth about what was happening in the lectures?” (Alright, not exact quote, but close to it). Unfortunately for that class, I don’t think many people tweet. It’s a sweet idea though! I mean really…while a lecture is happening, people are giving their responses, questions, things that they already know that are connected to the topic being learned. It’s like…an undercurrent of further thought and discussion on the material happen all while learning the material, as well as building a slight bit of a community between the students. If the prof or speaker could then tap into that, it would be a fantastic way to get instant feedback!

Just a brief thought. However I do need to get working on my installation application…something I’ll be writing about on here VERY soon! 😉 Talk to you readers tomorrowwww..

Learning Project update. Bleh.

Sewing patterns make no sense.

My work space. My cat seems to be getting more out of it than I am.

I’m currently working on it…this is a little bit of an update on that. It would be lovely if I had my grandma or my mom around to tell me what certain things mean, but it’s 1 in the morning and they are both sleeping, to my knowledge at least! Sooooo here I am. My lovely green material…what side do I fold it to? How many times do I fold it? Am I a size 6 or a size 8 on the pattern (I know from watching my mom in the past that often times it ends up being slightly bigger than what the pattern says…so I should be okay with the 6?) If I only fold it once, how to I get 4 pieces out of what is being shown? I’m almost ready to just pack it in for the night, get some sleep and resume this thing tomorrow.

Seriously, this is like trying to learn a different language at 1 in the morning. I'm so unimpressed.

Not gunna lie, it’s very tempting to just take the fabric and cut out the pieces while measuring them to myself and other dresses I have that fit me, and just going with it! Alas, I need to learn what all of this stuff means, and hopefully have it done by halloween (if I don’t finish it by then it’s not the end of the world..I have a billion flapper costumes and I could always then put more effort in and have a full-fledged fantastic outfit for next year’s halloween!). Anyways though….this is where I am at right now. The fact that I’m so stressed with papers and midterms on top of this is probably adding to how I’m getting so frustrated with myself for not Understanding it outright. My plan is to consult my grandma…and I’m sure once she explains to me these little details, it’ll be slightly more smooth sailing. I’m trusting that once I figure out how to get the pattern pieces in the right place, and start sewing pieces together, it’ll all be good and much, much better.

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Tech Task #…5? Video minidoc

Okay sooooooo this has been a huge pain in the butt. I finally figured out a compromise to what I was trying to do with the video..it’s time to get a mac though, that’s pretty apparent to me! This is mine and Justin’s minidocumentary on life as a university student…as I’ve found myself more stressed and frustrated with this project than anything else, I REALLY hope you guys all like it more than I do!! I’ve done a small amount of acting for film and that’s something that is still blossoming into a few fun opportunities…and this project showed me that I probably will have the best time staying IN FRONT of the camera and not behind it!

Lagging..in leggings.

I hate making videos with a passion. Mostly because I suck so badly at it and keep messing up and it’s taking forever. Last wednesday we were given a new tech task, to make a mini doc for ECMP355, and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!! I’ve been working on the thing a bit every single night, just trying to make something decent and it’s one durp moment after another equally or more frustrating durp moment. First, most of the footage is of me randomly walking around campus…the footage I took of my minidoc partner Justin I stupidly filmed vertically instead of horizontally. Hence, when anything cuts to footage of him, it’s vertical, and anything of me is the normal horizontal widescreen image that you would see on tv. Danielle likes to film like she’s taking someone’s portrait. Silly, silly girl. Also, when I finally got a decent reel of 47 second long silent footage that we could then voice over, or do something with, guess who’s PC crashed??? It’s hard enough making something on windows movie maker, let alone on a dell that is probably going to die on me within the next year. Adorable looking, and purple might I add (the fact that my laptop is purple and matches my schoolbag is basically the only reason I picked it over a mac) BUT DYING. Soooooooo Saturday I spent completely redoing EVERYTHING I’d done up until then. And since then, I’m having trouble getting sound, fitting in sound, and I’m pretty sure half of that is the computer, and half of it is me really not having a clue what I’m doing.

What did I learn from this?

Sunday, or monday, hmmmm or MAYBE even friday, I should have just asked someone for help instead of just being a stubborn blockhead and wasting my time trying to do it on my own.

On a side note, it’s getting cooler out but I’m okay with that, because I found a bunch of my dad’s old big wool sweaters, and wearing those with leggings is the MOST comfortable thing EVER! 🙂

Anyways, I’m now off to quickly run errands and then get back to running my brain through the technological wringer to finish this minidoc. UNTIL I finish and post it (trust me, I will post that thing the SECOND I am done) you can enjoy this lovely BRAND NEW music video by coldplay for their new single “Paradise”. I LOVE this song.

Tech Task #4, part 1 of 2

Hey guys, so we were given a tech task assignment this past week on digital storytelling…whew, has it ever been difficult!!! We’re to tell a story using 2 of the 50 storytelling resources we’ve been given. It sounds like it would be so easy, but it’s surprisingly been SO hard for me to do!! I don’t have the 2nd version done yet unfortunately, however I DO have the 1st one to share. This is a visual mapping site called http://www.wayfaring.com that is fantastic for plotting routes with visual pointers and so on. The story I picked is actually of one of my backwoods kayaking trips I took with some family members a couple years ago (it was so memorable because it’s normally just me and my dad that go together). Anyways, wayfaring was actually a perfect tool to use, although I would have loved to put pictures into the “waypoints”. If that’s possible, I’m completely oblivious to it and would love if one of you told me how I can do that!!

Here is the map..I was hoping I could get it to show up right on here but it doesn’t look like that’s happening so you’ll have to use the link, but I hope you like it! 🙂


Broken Fridges, stuffed with turkey.

Soooo thanksgiving is done. Also, it’s been far too long since I made a post…I have a bad habit of not being able to get back into something once I’ve put it on the backburner…good thing is now I’ll be getting right back at it on this thing!

So thanksgiving just passed. It took me a while to realize it even WAS thanksgiving. I’ve been dealing with a lot the last couple weeks, including a old friend’s funeral and being overloaded with homework, of which I’m still pushing my way through of course, and I guess when things such as that are going on, thanksgiving isn’t something that much anticipated or thought of. I was working on a play sunday morning, and it took me a good hour to figure out why everybody had the same facebook status about being bloated from turkey! Oh well, later on that day I figured out for myself when we went out of town to see my grandparents. ‘Twas a good time!

However, the bloated and stuffed feeling has not passed…our fridge broke on saturday. What does this mean? There are two bags of melting ice in my fridge, with everything piled around them. My family and I have been eating everything we can as fast as we can out of that fridge before the bags of ice completely melt..hence, the thanksgiving leftovers are pretty much all gone by now, and within the next 15 hours I’m sure we will have to start living as vegetarians, until the thing is fixed (I won’t mind that much, I used to be a vegetarian..it’s my family that won’t do well with it!).

Anyways, it’s time for me to get back to my homework…I still have a couple costume renderings and write-ups to finish for early tomorrow morning!

Until later, here’s another great tune. 🙂